Celebrity Interviewer Louise Gannon Notches Another: Daniel Radcliffe

When British freelance journalist Louise Gannon (pictured) was recently asked by the blog Fashion North how one becomes a master interviewer, she gave five solid tips. Her advice included:


“…You have to think what do they want to know, what does that magazine [or newspaper] want, you have to really make it work for that magazine and that’s always got to be in your head because first and foremost it’s your job to produce something good out of the situation that you’re in… You have to turn it into something that can work and be entertaining and can sell.”

Gannon did that in spades for the Daily Mail via a recent interview in London with Daniel Radcliffe. The “line” that is most actively being picked up is the one about Radcliffe’s dim view of some of his Harry Potter acting work. However, we prefer the zingers about belonging to the rare club of male actors who’ve done full-frontal stage nudity:

“James [McAvoy] says that I definitely get top spot for what I did in Equus, which was effectively stand there completely naked for about ten minutes. Ten minutes is a hell of a long time – and I was out there at the center of the stage.”

“When you take your clothes off – whoever you are – there is very little acting going on.”

Read the rest of Gannon’s very valuable interview guidance here.

[Photo via: @LouiseMGannon]