TMZ Vet Daniel Goldblatt Now at the Helm of

Very few people can point to longer terms of service with TMZ than Daniel Goldblatt. He started with the Harvey Levin operation way back in June of 2005. Roughly six months before the site opted for an original, breaking news voice and eventually found its way to a monstrous Mel Gibson scoop.

After eight years with TMZ as a producer and coordinating producer, Goldblatt has shifted over to New York City and the position of managing editor for This may be purely coincidental, but in recent weeks, we’ve been noticing more linkage on The Drudge Report.

Almost everyone’s a cubicle star in one way or another if they work for TMZ. But it was away from the 24/7 office that Goldblatt clocked one of his more infamous LA moments.

In the spring of 2009, Goldblatt attended a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for which Prince was the musical guest. At the end of the performance of “Dreamer,” the Purple One handed his guitar to Goldblatt, sitting in the front row, and walked off. The TMZ staffer started celebrating, only to have someone appear and ask that he return the instrument. To Levin’s great consternation the next day, Goldblatt did.

Goldblatt reports to LA-based editor Stuart Oldham.

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