Dancing With The Stars Tops Weekly Ratings


The two-hour performance of Dancing With The Stars on Monday, Oct. 25 was the number one prime time show in New York.

The celebrity competition seen on WABC, pulled in 1.4 million viewers with a 7.2 rating., according to the Nielsen Company. The Dancing results show tied for fifth best (1 million/5.2) for the week.  

That same night, ESPN’s Monday Night Football soared to number two, thanks to the Giants and Cowboys (1.2 million/6.1).

There was more NFL action, as Fox 5/WNYW, tied for number two (1.2 million/6.1) with the late afternoon Sunday game.

WCBS was next on the survey, with NCIS (1.1 million/5.7) and Two and a Half Men (1 million/5.2).

Other CBS shows cracked the Top 10: 

  • The Good Wife (1 million/5.2)
  • The Mentalist (1 million/4.9)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (979,000/4.9)

The World Series minus the Yankees still managed to draw decent numbers on WNYW.Game 4 had a tenth-place finish (971,000/4.8), while game 3 slipped to 26th (742,000/3.7).  

WNBC also appearance in the Top 30 was Sunday Night Football at number 21 (794,000/3.9).

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