Dancing Spins its Way to Another Ratings Win

Make it another prime time ratings victory for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars in New York. In the battle with American Idol on Fox, Dancing once again took the top two positions, according to Nielsen.

The two-hour Dancing was number one with an estimated 1.3 million WABC viewers and a 7.0 rating. Elimination night had a second-place finish (1.2 million/6.3). An additional hour of Dancing With The Stars placed sixth (802,000/4.1).

As for Idol, it settled for number three for Wednesday’s show (1.1 million/6.0) and a fourth-place finish for Thursday’s results (1 million/5.2).

NBC’s version, The Voice, cracked the Top 10, tying for ninth (723,000/3.7).

More from the Top 10 after the jump

  • Fifth                                 60 Minutes                                     WCBS    (848,000/4.3)
  • *Sixth                                  Castle                                           WABC   (795,000/4.1)
  • Eighth      NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship     WCBS   (770,000/3.9)
  • *Ninth                        Big Bang Theory                               WCBS   (725,000/3.7)


The umpteenth replay of biblical classic The Ten Commandments had a strong showing Saturday night on WABC. The four-hour, forty-five minute presentation was 17th for the week (572,000/2.9).

The Yankees second game of the season on the YES Network was ranked 24th (489,000/2.5).

As Fox’s medical drama House builds to its series finale next month, the program ended the week at the bottom of the heap, tying for 28th (462,000/2.4).