Dan Abrams to Launch Celebrity Chef Site

The Dan Abrams empire is about to expand once again. This time, according to The New York Times, the target is celebrity chefs. “The Braiser” will launch in mid-May and cover the world of popular chefs who “have gone from being food icons to becoming mainstream celebrities,” Abrams explained to the Times.

Abrams said that he was “stunned” that no one had thought of this idea before, but maybe others have, and decided against it. As Lockhart Steele, the founder of Eater, notes to the Times, there are only so many true “celebrity chefs.” Let’s see how many we can come up with, without doing any research. There’s Giada De LaurentiisAnthony BourdainWolfgang Puck, Tom ColicchioThomas KellerBobby Flay, Mario Batali, David Chang… That Jamie Oliver guy who everyone hates… Uh, that’s about it.

We’re obviously not foodies here at FishbowlNY, but neither are most people, and that’s the point. The Braiser is going to need more content than what is provided by the handful of chefs that people know, but will people care about the unknowns?

Here’s an idea: A weekly column from Paula Deen. Yes, we know she’s not a chef, but who cares! New sites are about page views, and just think of all the eyeballs The Braiser will attract with Deen penning pieces with headlines like “Butter My Dying Heart Up Y’All,” “Eat Like a Pig and Buy My Drugs!” and “Get Fat or Die Tryin.”

You can thank us later, Abrams.