Twitter to Daily News: Drop Dead

A Metro Final front page that flies in the face of Mort Zuckerman's haughty words.

NYDailyNewsAs first reported by FishbowlNY, Mort Zuckerman recently announced that the New York Daily News is no longer for sale. In an Aug. 20 memo to staff, the wealthy owner included the following sentence:

We have further sharpened our focus on how best to move the business forward in this new digital era.

A week later, his paper’s front page editors have made a mockery of that statement. As tonight’s angry Twitter reaction so clearly confirms, there is absolutely nothing sharpened or “best” practices about the Thursday Aug. 27 Metro Final front page teased this evening by the paper’s social media accounts. (Together with the headline “Executed on Live TV,” the page features a panel of three freeze-frame images from the POV video shot by the killer of WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker.)

The Daily News may no longer be for sale; but apparently, it’s willing to sully its soul for newsstand sales and a few cheap clicks.

Update (August 27):
The Daily News has provided the following explanation to New York Times reporter Katie Rogers:

On Thursday, an email statement from The Daily News said that the motivation behind publishing the images was to take a clear stance for gun control and to shake a public that had become desensitized by the media’s “selectively sanitizing a heinous crime that was literally broadcast live on TV.

“That is why we published the images,” the statement continued “to convey the true scale of what happened in Roanoke, by a deranged man who filmed murder especially for airing on social media, at a time when it is so easy for the public to become inured to such senseless violence.”

Update (August 28):
Seeking perhaps to make amends, the Daily News with its follow-up (Friday) front page has made the gun control message much clearer: