Daily News Cover Story: Zahn’s Divorce

Trouble for Paula Zahn: The Daily News has decided that the ex-anchor’s divorce makes for perfect newspaper fodder. George Rush and Corky Siemaszko got the cover story with “Zahn pal: She left for sex“, a longer form version of yesterday’s Rush & Malloy item. Details of Zahn’s alleged affair with Paul Fribourg? You got ’em:

“She and Richard weren’t having sex for some time,” the friend said. Friends of the cuckolded Cohen tell a different story – that Zahn betrayed him when she “strayed” with his pal Paul Fribourg.

Except it turns out that Zahn included photos (!) in the diary she wrote all the details of her alleged affair in. This is going to be one ugly divorce trial and the News will likely try to get a few more articles out of this whole mess. As for Zahn, her PR team needs to get out there and work overtime. Fast.