Maria Shriver Is Always in Fashion With Hit-Hungry Mail Online Reporters

As we recently reported, UK’s The Daily Mail racked up some staggering traffic numbers for the month of May. But a pair of weekend articles about Maria Shriver remind that there is no rest for the Web wicked.

In both cases, the paper grabbed Splash News syndicate photos and went to SEO, fashion-police town. Let’s start with Shyam Dodge’s Saturday dispatch. The reporter had this to say about Maria at a Friday BET Experience Beyonce concert:

Her outfit spoke more to her stately position in life as she donned a sleeveless wraparound jumper, starched white button down and loose fitting black trousers for the evening of entertainment.

Then came a Sunday stop-the-dresses article by Monty Archibald. If you believe Monty, a blue outfit worn by Maria while shopping on Saturday may be cause for alarm:

Perhaps she was downbeat as she was reflecting on the fact her former marital home finally sold for $12.9 million after two years on the market.

See what he did there? He connected a summer dress to the Arnold separation and real estate porn. With July 4 around the corner, no doubt the Mail will soon be updating its Maria bathing suit coverage.

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