Daily Caller Snags Politico Ad Guy

The Daily Caller‘s Publisher Neil Patel makes the announcement this morning that Aaron Finely is leaving Politico to join The Daily Caller as V.P. of Sales. Finley had been with Politico for five years. He joined just after the launch. Politico insiders aren’t acting fazed by this move. They used words like “rank and file sales guy” and understand his desire for more money and more of a leadership role. Finley’s title at Politico was “National Advertising Director.”

See Patel’s memo…

The memo: Please join me in welcoming Aaron Finley who starts today as Vice President of Sales.  Aaron joins us from Politico where he had been for 5 years starting just after their launch and ending yesterday.  During that period Aaron won many major clients and rose to become Politico‘s leading ad salesman.  We have been trying to recruit Aaron for quite a while.  Our interest in him was driven by his career success and also by our belief that he will fit in well in our office.  Aaron agreed to leave a lot of business behind at Politico to join us primarily because he believes in what we are building and because he wanted to work for Alex Treadway who has a stellar reputation in this market.  As we continue to build out our sales team Alex is switching to the role of Senior VP of Sales where in addition to bringing in new business he will spend a lot of time recruiting and managing sales talent.

Aaron will be in a little later today. He is sitting with Chad for a couple of days until he moves into Alex’s old office.  Please stop in and introduce yourself.