Daily Caller Razzes Senate Flack

If you’re a Capitol Hill press secretary you may want to think long and hard before calling up The Daily Caller and giving them headline advice.

The headline in question: “McCain fingers Schumer as media whore for ‘grandstanding’ on Ariz. immigration law.”

Brian Fallon, spokesman to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), a well-known press whore who practically invented the phrase press whore, called up and asked, “Is whore really a word that The Daily Caller uses in a headline on its website?” Fallon had zero problem with their use of “fingers” as a verb.

So The Daily Caller did what many modern news organizations would do and turned Fallon into a puppet. The story’s byline is “Scoops Delacroix” a fake reporter’s name that has been passed around the office. At the moment it floats between Will Rahn and Jamie Weinstein but there may be others who have used it.

This is a must-watch.