Daily Caller Almost Makes Point While Trolling Politico

The latest in a long history of The Daily Caller‘s war with Politico was published last night in a post headlined: “The top five reasons Politico is garbage, in their own words.”

Every now and again The Daily Caller likes to remind its readers that they don’t like Politico, either by calling it a “liberal” publication or by crunching their web traffic in an unfavorable light. (Side note: Politico generally outperforms DC in traffic, according to Compete.com, a web analytics company)

In DC‘s latest, Christopher Bedford examined one story — in fact, one page of a story — by seasoned (as in ancient) congressional reporter David Rogers to conclude that Politico is “garbage.” Roger’s story, headlined “Bob Kerrey’s last stand to fix Washington,” is a nearly two-week-old five-page piece on a Senate race in Nebraska between Republican Deb Fischer and Democrat Bob Kerrey.

Rogers told FishbowlDC in an email he believes it’s company policy not to comment on attacks directed at Politico.

The five parts Bedford looks at…

  1. Rogers’ title/headline.
  2. His news lede.
  3. Rogers’ reportins.
  4. Again, Rogers’ reporting;
  5. His writing.

Bedford argues Rogers is “coming from… Kerry’s corner” and characterizing Republican operatives backing Fischer as “nefarious.”

In the story, Rogers does takes a clear stance outside of what would normally be considered a reporter’s analysis. From the article:

“[H]istory’s hand is genuinely felt here, giving Nebraska and Kerrey a unique opportunity to have a larger impact.

No one in the Senate would be able to ignore him or his reform message if he were to win next month. The experience gap between him and Fischer is huge. And this maverick, native son has come home like some Bruce Willis time-traveler, warning that change is needed to avoid a darker future for Nebraska and the nation.”

Shorter version: Kerrey is the candidate of change that Washington needs (which sounds strikingly familiar to a certain President in office).

On its face, it’s absurd to generalize a publication looking at one page of one story. While DC has a valid point, they destroy it by trashing an entire publication. Politico is cited as a fair news source by Republicans, Democrats, MSNBC and Fox News (although we hear Herman Cain isn’t a fan). That said, the criticism of Rogers’ story on its own isn’t entirely off the mark.

We’ve requested comment from DC.