The Daily Caller‘s Wild Rep Catches Up

The Daily Caller isn’t a hate site, but its reporters may have asked for it when one was blocked from entering a Council on America-Islam Relations event this week.

A source who was at the event tells FBDC that once the DC reporter left the area, he overheard two CAIR staffers sarcastically comment on “the great coverage” they would receive over the incident. The comments came after the reporter was told she wasn’t allowed in, due to the DC being “a hate group.”

This wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. At a party hosted by Media Matters, the DC’s Nick Ballasy wasn’t allowed in but staked out the party with a camera crew outside the door. They were asked to keep a certain healthy distance from the building.

Reporters at the pub have gained a reputation as being a wily bunch. Yes, wily. A look at the DC‘s debauchery:

  • Matthew Boyle claimed he was assaulted by U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. John de Jongh;
  • After being hacked, the publication offered a gun as a reward to anyone who found the hacker;
  • Neil Muro (in)famously interrupted President Obama in the middle of a speech;
  • Boyle, a particularly feisty one, tried bullying a Democratic National Committee staffer into giving him a comment from the chairwoman.

It was, however the DC‘s Caroline May who was blocked from entering the CAIR event. May, unassuming and amiable, has hasn’t had any significant dust-ups.

“Caroline is an outstanding reporter, and extremely fair,” her colleague Vince Coglianese told FishbowlDC. “I don’t see how it could be in CAIR’s interest to hold a press conference aimed at defending American values while barring access to a prominent news outlet seeking to cover that.”

When asked if it’s a surprise for the DC to be barred from events, given its reputation, Coglianese said, “Our job is to relentlessly cover the news.” He added, “CAIR’s response to our attempt was so exceptional in nature that we felt it deserved to be reported.”

We requested comment from CAIR.