The Daily Beast’s Peter Lauria vs. Vulture’s Claude Brodesser-Akner

Thursday afternoon, The Daily Beast’s Peter Lauria posted a very blunt, mightier-than-thou “Facebook Exclusive” take-down of a Claude Brodesser-AknerNovember 3rd item on New York Magazine’s Vulture blog. West coast editor Brodesser-Akner (pictured) had suggested after speaking to his sources that Universal President and COO Ron Meyer’s days may be numbered now that Comcast is coming into the NBCUni kingdom.

Responded Lauria:

The lengthy post surmised that Meyer, the longest-tenured CEO in Hollywood, may be pushed out of Universal Studios by new owner Comcast once the takeover is complete. Too bad the story is a steaming pile of poo. According to three sources—all insiders at Comcast or Universal—Meyer’s position under the Comcast regime is secure…

The truth is that Comcast isn’t sure what to do with Universal right now. But sources say that until Comcast can dig into the business it would prefer to keep Universal’s executive team stable and give them a chance to prove themselves.

Yikes! It’s one thing for Lauria to dispute a fellow west coast journalist’s take on the Hollywood studio track, but quite another to deem it No. 2 on the veracity scale in accusatory tones more suited for a collegiate blogger. Especially when you add in Brodesser-Akner’s impeccable journalist credentials and background as host of KCRW’s The Business.

Something tells us we haven’t heard the last about this from the Vulture end.