D. Shuster Says He’s no Party Crasher

Funny, ex-MSNBCer David Shuster doesn’t look like he’s Machaele and Tareq‘s long lost son.

And it turns out, the connection may only be in some people’s minds, not reality.

But here’s what happened. On Saturday night at MSNBC’s after party at the Italian Embassy, people were buzzing about Shuster committing the embarrassing Washington crime of attempted party crashing. A well-respected TV personality at the party witnessed Shuster trying to get into the party. Our witness overheard a party organizer on the walkie talkie saying, “Make sure he doesn’t get in here.” Shuster, meanwhile, was up above looking down onto the long road of red carpet at a party he ultimately did not enter.

“It wasn’t like he was going to come and say hi, he was going to come and be shitty,” a partygoer remarked.

But Shuster denied trying to crash the party. He insisted he has long patched things up with MSNBC and said he had an actual ticket.

“Nobody refused to allow me in to the MSNBC party; several colleagues asked me to attend, and I had a ticket,” he told FishbowlDC. “A few of my dinner companions did not make arrangements in advance, however.  So rather than abandon each other, we went to other parties.”

D. Shuster said he saw many of his MSNBC friends and colleagues throughout the weekend. He said he wasn’t bothered by what happened at the party’s entrance: “The MSNBC party team could not have been more gracious. Furthermore, MSNBC/NBC management and I buried the hatchet months ago.”

MSNBC declined to comment on the matter.