D. Shuster Mans Up

Excitement is bubbling. Our own ex-MSNBCer David Shuster is launching his own investigative website. WaPo‘s The Plum Line has the details.

We love how Greg Sargent describes it: Heavy on “man-power.”

An excerpt:

Shuster envisions his new site as a kind of cross between high-profile sites like Huffington Post or Politico and lower-profile but successful investigative ventures like Pro Publica. He plans to use his profile as a former TV anchor who was highly visible in the political world in order to draw publicity and attention to long-term investigative projects that would otherwise have a tougher time breaking through all the clutter and noise.

“Look at Huffington Post or National Journal or Politico — they all do a very good job of covering what happened today,” Shuster says. “But you don’t have an organization that has 15 reporters going out and spending two weeks on a story — and also has someone with TV name recognition who can be the face of the organization and go out and promote its scoops.”