Brand Your Tweets Using A Simple WordPress Plugin

Ever wonder how to get your own custom Twitter app name? It’s very simple, actually, provided you have access to a (self-hosted) blog. (Or, if you are a PC user, click here for another solution.)

First, sign into

Then, in your WordPress installation, you will need to install a plugin called Tweetable.

Once that is installed, navigate to the bottom of your WordPress admin dashboard. A new category, Twitter, will appear. Click “Install.”

The Tweetable plugin will send you to this website at, which is where you “register” your new application to work on Twitter. They’ll provide detailed instructions on how to fill out that form.

Once that form is completed, press save. Then return to Tweetable’s setup wizard and go to the next step.

In this step, simply copy and paste the consumer key and consumer secret that Twitter provides and place them into the respective fields in the Tweetable setup wizard. Hit next.

In this step, enter your Twitter username. Hit next.

In this final step, you will be required to hit the OAuth button that is provided, which will authorize Tweetable to access your Twitter account to send and receive tweets. Once this step is completed, you will be set to send and receive custom branded tweets.

Bonus steps: Tweetable has a robust settings page. You can alter your WordPress templates to include buttons that allow users to tweet your posts via Tweetable. You can also have Tweetable automatically send a tweet when a new blog post is posted. Or, you choose none of the above.

This is a very basic way to create a custom branded Twitter app. Of course, much more can be created using Twitter’s API. The documentation for that can be found here.