Cullen Resigns From Reuters Less Than One Month After Joining

Teri Cullen, who joined Reuters Jan. 11 from the Wall Street Journal Online, has resigned after the wire pulled one of her stories, about a White House tax plan, that was found to contain numerous errors, Talking Biz News reports.

The story, which claimed the White House’s deficit reduction plan relied on raising taxes on the middle class, ran Monday and was pulled that night. On Wednesday, according to Talking Biz News, a Reuters editor sent out a memo stating:
“This is an important reminder about our second-pair-of-eyes rule… Any content intended for needs to be run past an editor PRIOR to publication. This applies to any and all content, including that intended for the blog platform.”

Cullen had 13 years of experience at the WSJ online covering personal finance and financial markets, so our guess is that these mistakes were not symptomatic. And, we’re guessing, the copyeditor who would have caught these mistakes was laid off six months ago.

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