Critics: Your Days Are Numbered, Says Blogger-Critic Josh Ozersky

Today in Time, Josh Ozersky bemoans the peril facing today’s food critic. We’re glad he and FishbowlNY are on the same page, but wait, what’s this?

Ozersky repeatedly blames food bloggers, those lowly young neophytes who’re consistently wowed by today’s accessible gourmet burger, for the food critic’s imminent demise.

Real foodies should be concerned that restaurant critics like Sokolov are an endangered species. … And their most invaluable asset, their towering authority, has been leached away by blogs and review websites, leaving them without a place in the new ecosystem. All of which is too bad, because critics like Sokolov ought to be at the very center of it.

And then:

For [minimizing risk to consumers], the user reviews on Citysearch or Yelp are beyond useless — they’re faceless and contradictory — and the same goes for blogs. (Blogs at least sometimes take pictures.)


To some degree, the decline of the restaurant critic was inevitable, brought about by the end of fat-cat budgets and the multiplicity of bloggers and opinion sites on the Web.

Blogs have leached away critics’ lifeblood, says Rachel Ray blogger Josh Ozersky. (h/t The Awl.)

Bloggers or critics, Ozersky. Time to pick sides.