Creative Job Applications On The Rise

People are getting more and more creative (or is that desperate?) to get a foot in the door. Thanks, economy. Thanks, dying industries.

There was the girl who, last summer, bought a Facebook ad to try to get into publishing (she became a book publicist, then quit to be a freelancer and enroll in culinary school, proving that sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you really want…or something). There was

Now we bring you two more creative job applications: Thomas Pardee, 22, wants to work for Hearst. Or maybe it’s Condé Nast. Anyway, he did the Facebook ad thing and has gotten 130 clicks on his ad, which leads to his LinkedIn page. He’s got an impressive resume and should go far, but we have one issue with what he told The Big Money: “I want to be a magazine editor. I am in no way terribly picky about which magazine I will be working for.”

Free advice, Mr. Pardee: That may be totally true, but companies are going to want to see passion and specificity. Narrow it down, dude.

The second creative application we wanted to highlight comes from a dude who wants to be a content marketing manager at a Boston-based marketing software company called HubSpot. (Now that’s specific!) Yifei Zhang has a nontraditional background, which doesn’t look so great on a resume, so he bought the domain name and has been blogging there since January 1.

His very first post attracted the notice of three HubSpot employees, including one of the company’s co-founders. Nice!

When Zhang was invited to tour the company, he recorded his tour and blogged that, too. After less than a month, he has three job options, one of which, yes, is with Hubspot.

So how do you feel about these sorts of things? Creepy? Invasive? Clever? We gotta note that Zhang’s first video includes a copy of HubSpot’s book displayed prominently in the background. Over the top or not?