Creative Director Rip Georges on the Impending Launch of Noir Magazine

Former LA Times Magazine editor Nancie Claire and creative director Rip Georges are on the verge of debuting their new tablet publication Noir Magazine. We spoke with Georges yesterday, who told us that if all goes well, the mag should launch in 3-4 weeks.

“We have 25 pounds of content for a 10-pound pack,” he says. “One of the things that continues to delight me is the willingness of writers to participate with us in the endeavor. The writing community is behind this project and that kind of access is going to make the mag very strong.”

Noir Magazine’s Kickstarter campaign ends this Friday. Ye of disposable wealth click here.

Georges says Noir Magazine will be a multimedia representation of what he and Clare put out each April for the Times Mag‘s annual noir issue.

“From a visual standpoint, the values we brought to LA Times Sunday mag be very similar to what we do here. I’ve been doing magazines for 25 years. To do a magazine that comes alive is really exciting. It’s an exciting time for magazines.”

Expect an original graphic novel, true crime non-fiction and even some animation for the debut issue. Highlights will also an exclusive interview with Benjamin Black, the pseudonymous author of the upcoming Philip Marlowe novel.

Image from the debut issue of Noir Magazine by Mick Haggerty