CQRC’s White Makes Mills Manhattans, Sips Shame

CQ Roll Call Managing Director Keith White sipped a tall glass of shame (shaken, not stirred) Friday afternoon after his beloved Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers on Thursday night.  Making matters worse for White was a friendly bet he’d made earlier in the week with Editorial Director Mike Mills, a Tigers fanatic.

Because those damn Yankees lost to Detroit, White was forced to mix and serve up a nice Manhattan for Mills in the comfort of the winning office.  Oh the shame…

The email that started it all after the jump.

“Folks, don’t expect Mr. White to be in a particularly festive mood tomorrow. After all, his favorite team of pinstriped peashooters will have fallen to the mighty roar of the Detroit Tigers.  I already feel badly for him. So much so, I would even want to buy him a drink.  But wait a minute. If my hometown team wins, shouldn’t he be mixing me a drink?

Okay. I’ve got it — a friendly wager: If I am somehow wrong, and the team that I have long embraced (especially during the fair weather of the past week or so) is defeated by those damn Yankees, I will bring the ingredients to Keith’s office tomorrow afternoon and personally mix him a famous Detroit Old Fashioned, a drink that goes back to Prohibition and contains Canadian Whiskey, Detroit’s famous Vernor’s ginger ale, bitters and cherries.

If, however, the Tigers prevail in the sporting match, then Keith will come to my office and mix me up a nice Manhattan (whiskey, vermouth and, ideally, bitters).

What say, boss, ready to play ball?