CQ-Roll Call Unveils ‘D.C. Decoder’

crawford.jpgIt sounds rather sinister.

CQ-Roll Call’s new bi-monthly video series for Congress.org, a CQ-Roll Call site, is called ‘D.C. Decoder’ in which veteran D.C. journalist Craig Crawford tries to deconstruct the big news stories or events in Washington and explain what’s really going on. CQ-Roll Call’s Video Producer Andrew Satter put the series together.

First up: the budget and look at why what gets proposed is almost never what gets passed.

The setting: Crawford’s living room. (Technically it’s the “D.C. Decoder Headquarters,” also known as yeah, Craig’s living room.)

In the video, Crawford, drenched in black — black baseball cap, casual black clothing and lounging on a black leather couch — in his aw-shucks, earthy way, lifts a weight (one weight, one arm) and holds up a glass bowl of dry lettuce as he explains the ins and outs of the budget. (The purpose of the weight and lettuce is to find a metaphor for News Year’s resolutions that “seldom last the winter.”)

Later, Crawford audibly eats a Pop Tart, while commenting that our president’s “grandiose” budget plans hardly ever lasts the winter.”

By the video’s end, his coffee table runneth over with an elaborate spread that includes jar of Jiff peanut butter, Pop Tarts, an entire fast-food meal, all made complete with three random fortune cookies.

Watch the video here.