CQ Roll Call Teaches Staff How to Flush Toilet

No joke. Today CQ Roll Call employees are being taught the finer points of toilet flushing. “Please do not kick the toilet handle, or even use your feet” to flush, reads an announcement to staff. Apparently pricey toilet valves had to be replaced due to “misuse.”

Best part: They advise that if employees must touch the handle, do so with toilet paper and your hands, not your feet. There’s even a help desk if you don’t quite get the instructions or have more questions.

See the full memo…77K Facilities Notice
For Your Information:
Please do not kick the toilet handle, or even use your feet, to flush the toilet.  This notice is being sent because Brookfield has had to replace very expensive toilet flushing valves on the 7th floor due to misuse.   I would like to take this time to remind staff that the flush valves in the restrooms are not designed to be flushed with your feet.  Using your feet can/will damage the flush valve resulting in expensive repairs.  If you do not want to touch the toilet handle, please use toilet paper, paper towels, etc., but not your feet. If you have questions, or would like more detail, please feel free to let us know.

For further information or to report additional issues, please contact the

Help Desk at (202) 650-6700 <tel:(202)%20650-6700>  or  Helpdesk@CQRollCall.com <mailto:Helpdesk@CQRollCall.com.