CQ Roll Call Names Dineen Veep of Digital Strategy

CQ Roll Call Editorial Director Susan Benkelman sent out a really exciting internal memo to staff this afternoon announcing that John Dineen is returning to the newsroom from the business side to head up digital. His new title: VP for Digital Strategy and Delivery.

The memo, sent to us by one of our reporter spies, is LONG and will make your eyes glaze over. The important news is above.

To the editorial staff:

I’m happy to announce that after several months on the business side, John Dineen is returning to the newsroom to head up our digital efforts and lead parts of the publications department that he had previously overseen. His new title is Vice President for Digital Strategy and Delivery.

Many of you already know about the project John was heading up over the past several months to think through our next generation digital approach for CQ.com (and if you don’t, I invite you to ask John about it). That project required a great deal of customer interface and research, and a lot of conceptualizing about the best ways to get digital information to our customers quickly, efficiently and in the form in which they need it. As such, we think John is in a great position to help our newsroom adapt to the changing needs of our audience. In this role, John will be working with all parts of the newsroom, both in CQ and in Rollcall.com, to help us find ways to further engage our customers digitally, through the use of customer feedback, usage patterns and other metrics. He will continue to work with Meg Hargreaves’ team on developing and implementing the new approach for CQ.com.

As part of his portfolio, John will oversee the editorial operations team, which will work closely with him on these projects. He will also manage the copy and production team, art and graphics, and members and research. In his various teams — copy & production, art & graphics, members & research, and ed ops – we have people who are attached to specific products, such as CQ, Roll Call or the Weekly. But these teams will be part of larger publication groups, as in the past, to ensure that everyone is cross-trained and can help one another out.

We thank Peter King for helping to manage these departments while John was working on the project. Peter will continue on as director of legislative tracking, with the legislative action, legislative information and State Track teams reporting to him, and Peter will report directly to me.

Please join me in welcoming John back to editorial and in working with him to help drive our digital future.