CQ Roll Call Launches Food Contest

CQ Roll Call is hosting its annual “Taste of America” contest. It’s a tournament-style food competition that pits state against state in a March Madness style bracket. Beginning today, readers will decide the winner by voting online for their state’s signature food.

The contest debuted in 2011. All the foods are listed here. Some notables: Virginia – fried oysters; Pennsylvania – Philly Cheesesteak; Ohio – buckeyes; North Dakota — sunflower seeds; Nevada — Chuckwagon Buffet (this is not dog food); Utah – cherry cobbler; Delaware – peach pie; and New York – hotdog.

The final eight states will be part of a reception at Nationals Ballpark prior to the Congressional Baseball Game, of which CQ Roll Call is a founding sponsor, where the winner will be announced on June 13. Publicist Sujata Mitra explained: “Members of Congress and their offices from the Elite 8 are invited to participate at the reception where the top 8 dishes are served and the winner is announced. It’s been a lot of fun the last two years and we’re looking forward to seeing who makes it to the Elite 8 this year!”

The rules CQ Roll Call has created a bracket of 64 foods, a minimum of one entry per state with more entries for larger states. States will “play” against other states within their region. People are encouraged to go online and vote for the state(s) they want to win. At the end of the week, votes are tallied and winners advance to the next round.

Sponsoring the contest: The National Beer Wholesalers Association, the National Restaurant Association, and the American Frozen Food Institute.