CQ Politics Announces New Fall Lineup

An internal memo from CQ’s Bruce Drake, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    Since the networks are doing it, I wanted to announce the new fall line-up for CQ Politics. As you all know, Peggy Girshman is leaving her job after Election Day to join the Kaiser Family Foundation, Marie Horrigan is off soon after that to the West Coast, and we are adding a White House correspondent to help CQ Politics and CQ in general cover the new President,. So, I’m delighted to be able to make these announcements: Kathy Rizzo will take Peggy’s place as Executive Editor, moving from her post as editor of Inside Congress. Kathy has threatened me with all sorts of dire things if I launch into a flowery appreciation of what she has accomplished here and why I chose her, so suffice it to say there could not be a more perfect match for this job. Adriel Bettelheim will become our new White House correspondent. I have admired his work even before I joined CQ, and his ideas for how to cover the transition and the new administration will ensure that we meet our goal of doing this coverage in a way that is distinctive and focuses on stories that go beyond the routine. Emily Cadei will join CQ Politics’ reporting staff, even though she will have to pry Marie’s fingers off the saga of Staten Island. I’ve had several chances during my time here to work with Emily, and she will be an excellent addition to the staff. Last but by no means least, Tom Whitmire will be promoted to Web Manager for CQ Politics, taking on the chief accountability and responsibility for keeping us up and running, and the development necessary to continue building out and improving the site. Tom has been a rock for CQ Politics, and this is well-deserved recognition of his work. Aside from Tom, the start dates for Kathy, Adriel and Emily will be worked out to ensure the least possible disruption of the newsroom. There has been one change in our plans. The position originally posted as Deputy Executive Editor has been recast as an Assistant Editor. That job is still open for application, and Kathy will be leading the hire on it, so if any of you are interested in that position, let her know soon. I’m excited about these personnel moves and about the future of CQ Politics, which already has notched as many page-views this month as it did in September, when we set a record. It’s been a company-wide effort, and that’s why it is particularly satisfying to bring aboard fellow CQ-ers.