CPAC Leads to Heart ‘Tack

Aside from serious heart trouble, this editor wants his writers to keep their prose short. The internal memo is by Michael Walsh, editor of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism Web site.

Dear contributors: a personal note from me to all of you. Early Friday morning, while in Washington to cover CPAC along with the rest of the Breitbart team, I suffered a heart attack in my hotel room and was taken to George Washington University Hospital, where I have been for the past five days. Luckily for me, GW has some of the best cardiac doctors in the world, and as it happened I got one of their top men and his team. Angioplasty unblocked one of the main coronary arteries, rest and medication did the rest and I am just now discharged. I will be on my way back to Connecticut in the morning. I will have to return to Washington in a few months for another procedure, but the prognosis is excellent.

Apologies, therefore for any delay in responding to your story ideas and submissions, and thanks to all of you for your continuing excellence. Special thanks to Alex Marlow and our other colleagues at for keeping the site humming.

Going forward, it would be a great help to me if you could all consult the site style notes, particularly the note about putting your name and the date of submission in the actual document name, as well as at the top of the piece itself. Also, please note that, with few exceptions, no post should exceed 750-800 words in length during the week; longer weekend posts may range as high as 1,500 words. By writing shorter you will be writing better and your work will move up much faster in the queue.

Thanks again to one and all.