Some Things at Cosmopolitan Never Change

On the cover of redesigned Cosmopolitan U.K., the sexy wink is still there.

Across the pond, with the October 2015 edition, the U.K. side of Cosmopolitan is heralding a redesign and switch to smaller “midi” print size. Among the editorial changes highlighted by editor Farrah Storr:

Our new Move section will help you stretch your body and your mind… In our Play ‘area’ you’ll find tasty, um, balls, and cooking tips from Kelis. Yes, hip-hop superstar Kelis…

Great. Now, here’s the cover:


Hey, we’re not part of any ‘filthy lot’… That’s the only way to initially read the top-right, double-take cover line. And Storr knows it!

On the other hand, any magazine that counts as its beauty director someone with the name Ingeborg van Lotringen gets a lot of extra leeway from us.