Daily News Reporter Has No Trouble Getting Fake ID

How much? Ten dollars for the photo, $100 up front and another $50 upon delivery. How long? Ninety minutes.


Those are the broad strokes of New York Daily News City Hall reporter Corinne Lestch’s recent visit to the thriving fake ID economy on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens. With one minor caveat:

I didn’t get a new high-tech driver’s license – those are much harder to reproduce — but the market for current licenses, which are still valid if they are issued before September 2013, is skyrocketing…

City and state authorities lauded the rollout last September of the new licenses — polycarbonate cards that toned down color and enhanced security — saying they would be much more difficult to forge. But State Senator Jose Peralta (D-Queens) said the fraudsters are undaunted. “The new license hasn’t made a dent in the counterfeit market,” he said.

To avoid duplication and also, perhaps, as a personal safety precaution, Lestch registered herself via the Roosevelt Ave. DMV as “Caronne.”

[Photo credit: Enid Alvarez/New York Daily News]