Coolhaus Opens First Storefront in Los Angeles

It’s already been a red letter year for the world’s favorite (and only) architecture-themed ice cream company Coolhaus, but 2011 isn’t quite over just yet. Back in May, when we’d told you that the popular truck-based company was branching out to open a new New York branch (after moving into Austin the year before), there was also news that their very first storefront shop would be opening in LA sometime over the summer. Unfortunately, like nearly any construction project, things got delayed. Fortunately, the shop finally opened just this past Friday in Culver City, a locale where ice cream can be served without it being absurd (like it would be here in Chicago). Eater LA has a first look at the shop, as well as a handful of great photos of the new digs. If you’re in the area, it certainly looks worth stopping by. And if you happen to be in Miami, they’ve also rolled out new truck service there as well. What’s next for 2012, given how they’ve quickly they’ve grown over just these past couple of years? We’d be fools to rule out global domination, that’s for sure. And we, for one, welcome our new architecture-themed-ice-cream overlords.