Conrad Black Is Prisoner 18330-424

The rich go to prison in much different circumstances than you or me.

Conrad Black is officially heading to jail. He was denied bail on Thursday, while his two co-defendants were allowed to remain free on bond. Black’s first day in prison will be Monday.

Starting on Monday, Conrad Black will become Prisoner 18330-424 of the Coleman Federal Corrections Institute. However, before he enters the pen, Black is throwing a farewell party at his Palm Beach mansion. Meanwhile, his wife Lady Black is celebrating capitalism:

“She has bought a dog, which is a big thing in her life. They were both getting on fabulously well. She has probably been prepared for a bad ending longer than he has. She tends to be more pessimistic,” he said.

The Palm Beach Daily News reported in its gossip column that Lady Black had spent $250,000 on the new collection by fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

Well, that’s what happens when you commit white collar crime.