Yahoo Yoho Struggles With ‘Unanimity’

Yoo hoo, Florida GOP Congressman Ted Yoho! We really don’t want to refer to you as “some yahoo” but we can’t help ourselves as we watched you on MSNBC this morning and watched you get terribly tongue-tied over the word “unanimity.”

How are voters supposed to believe the GOP can achieve this if you can’t even say the word?

See what the congressman told MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts…

“I think what you’re gonna see out of the 13th Congress, we will come together, we will have a lot better consensus and a better message, a clearer message when we come out of conference and you’ll see more un un nana unanymity, whatever that word is that’s sometimes hard for me. You’ll see more people behind that, promoting that.”

Hear how the word is pronounced by listening here. In the meantime, Yoho, please tell us where you’re next TV apperance will be. We can hardly wait.