Conference Table With Swing-Like Chairs Spice Up Meetings

Ever since our post about the ostrich pillow, we figured it’s  time to have more fun (and naps) at the office.

Check out this conference table! Chairs are suspended on a steel frame! So yes, the picture says it all: Each chair is suspended by stainless steel cables.

Although the frame can support intense swinging, passionate swingers beware — too much back and forth can result in crashing into the table.

According to BloombergBusinessweek, the London-based firm Duffy London threw away notions about practicality for meetings and decided to focus on fun in the office instead.

Designer Chris Duffy told the publication, “When you’re on a swing at a formal table, there’s something quite hard for your brain to get, and it makes you smile. It really is fun.”

Fun indeed! Duffy London has sold a handful of tables in Europe (by the way, each table costs approximately $11,200) and has gotten requests from startups for custom-made orders. He pointed out in the piece, “Some companies want each part in different shades of green.”