Condé Nast CEO, Editors to Huddle Up

At some point in early February, Charles Townsend, CEO of Condé Nast, will gather his editors together to let them know what is going on with the business side of the company. WWD reports that it’s the first time the editors are being asked to attend this type of meeting, but it’s certainly not taking anyone by surprise:

Back in September, Townsend hosted an all-hands-on-desk meeting with both publishers and editors in a room together — the first time that had ever happened. The big takeaway from that meeting: Focus on your magazines but please try to make some money from your Web sites.

Another sign that the meeting will be pleasant is that Townsend sent a memo out yesterday stating that things are expected to be “exceptionally sunny” during 2012.

The only question we have about the meeting: Who will bring the donuts?