Condé Nast Continues To Shuffle Agenda And Execs

Another day, another big announcement from Condé Nast headquarters.  CEO Charles H. Townsend said today that his company will undergo a major overhaul in the sales and marketing departments.  A company press release indicated that Condé will task its individual titles to “focus on brand centricity and drive growth and innovation” by  adding digital sales and marketing to content management.  Publishers will now be responsible for branding initiatives across all platforms as the media giant continues to push their digital agenda.

CMO Lou Cona, who will oversee this transition, shared his enthusiasm for the endeavor:

“Condé Nast Digital brings tremendous power to the portfolio of assets we are able to offer the marketplace.  By integrating its sales and marketing expertise into the Media Group, we are positioned for maximum growth and are better aligned with the industry.”

The merging of Condé Nast Media Group and CN Digital has been in the works since the promotion of Robert A. Sauerberg, Jr. to president in July.  Today, the executive maneuvers continued with the following promotions:

SVP, chief revenue officer of Condé Nast Digital, Drew Schutte, will become EVP, chief integration officer for Condé Nast Media Group

Publisher, Internet Sales Group, Josh Stinchcomb, has been named VP of digital sales for Condé Nast

Both Schutte and Stinchcomb will work under Cona.  Sarah Chubb will maintain her position as president of CN Digital.