Conan Armenia Episode Not All Fun and Games

O'Brien and assistant Sona Movsesian's journey is must-DVR TV.

Over the weekend, an Armenian Genocide memorial plaque was unveiled at a park in Las Vegas. Per a report in the Review-Journal, the Paris attacks weighed heavily on the minds of all in attendance at the dedication ceremony. In one case, most strikingly:

John Dolmayan, a Las Vegas resident and drummer of the Armenian-American rock band, System of a Down, said the Paris attacks hit close to home. “My friends the Deftones were supposed to play a show tonight at the venue where the attacks happened,” he said of Le Bataclan concert hall. “It was just a bunch of kids going to a rock show, what have they done?”

Tonight on Conan, host Conan O’Brien will preview tomorrow’s special one-hour episode, for which he and his assistant Sona Movsesian traveled to Armenia. It was Movsesian’s first trip to her family’s ancestral, native land and while there’s plenty of fun stuff, things also gets emotional for her when the pair visit that country’s main monument dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide.

2015 is the centennial year of the Genocide. For more info about the events of 1915, some of which are still disputed by Turkey, click here.