Coming Up Next: Experienced Writers At Demand. The Pay? Surprisingly Not Bad

Demand Media has really been switching up its strategy ever since Google changed its search algorithm to penalize content farms.
Yesterday, the company announced it will remove all “user-submitted articles” from eHow as those pieces haven’t gone through Demand’s QA process. It also said it was going to allow more feedback from readers so an author could learn whether his or her articles were helpful or completely nonsensical (better hurry up and read this quick because somehow we don’t think this one’s going to make the QA cut).

It also announced it would be placing more emphasis on feature reporting, with actual, uh, reporting.

These articles will be up to 850 words in length and “incorporate original reporting, exclusive quotes, [and] side bars.”

They will pay up to $350 “depending on factors like the experience required to write the story, the complexity of the topic and length of the story.”

Call us skeptically intrigued. If you are, too, and have 5-10 years of reporting experience for a major daily newspaper or major magazine, you can apply at