Comic Relief

Michael Ian Black and pals advise brands to be funny With social

Bowing before the democratizing funniness of the internet, writer, actor and comedian Michael Ian Black joined 30 Rock star Judah Friedlander, Comedy Central contributor and online humorist Sara Benincasa, and Alf LaMont, vice president of marketing for the LA club The Comedy Store, to talk about being funny online. As the CCO of Wit Stream, an online humor curator, Black is looking to elevate the funniest of the web to get people like Jenny Johnson (Who? Check out the site.) a chance to steal a few of Friedlander’s weekend comedy gigs.

Businesses, too, can leverage humor online, LaMont pointed out. “Taco Bell is often funnier online than most comedy clubs,” he said.

Benincasa followed up with her story about enjoying a recent Delta flight, Tweeting about it, and getting a funny follow-up from Delta itself. PR divisions, take note: being lighthearted in your social network can pay dividends.

“Comedy really can help a business,” Black said. “Comedy, by its nature, has this inside feeling to it. So if you as a business are interacting in a funny way with your customers…people appreciate that.”