Come June, You’ll Be Buying New Wallpaper*


From Brand Republic (who just recently went 100% free, registration-wise), we learned that Wallpaper magazine will be rolling out their next issue, their 100th, complete with a new logo. They’re being extremely tight-lipped, because, of course, if you’re going to have your new branding being on of the big selling points, you probably don’t want to have it floating out there all over the place beforehand, so we, sadly don’t have an image of it. But BR does have some info therein about the rollout, as well as the magazine’s other plans for their celebration of making it to the big one-oh. Here’s the little bit:

Tony Chambers, Wallpaper’s newly appointed editor-in-chief, said: “Rather than a retrospective, Wallpaper’s 100th issue is all about the things that are hot right now and will be in the future. It’s the perfect issue to unveil our new logo, which is a subtle nod to multi-platform Wallpaper brand.”