Comcast’s Excellent Idea


How to watch the television coverage tomorrow (from Comcast Cable’s release):

    I thought you and your readers might want to know about a service that is now available to Comcast digital cable customers in about 9 million of our 24 million homes (including those in the DC area, right now it is channel 963 in the DC cable system).

    It has rotating feeds of CNBC, CNN, CNN Headline News, C-SPAN, FOX, MSNBC and the Weather Channel (all the better to check on election day weather conditions tomorrow). Without changing the channel, using the select keys on the remote you can hear the audio for the selected channel while being able to view the video on the other channels (makes it easy to see who is on all the channels and select what you want to watch without changing the channel). One button also selects the channel so you can select to view it in full screen.

    Sort of like a situation room for your living room.