Columbia Journalism Student Is One of China’s First Rhodes Scholars

Zhang Chunying will continue her studies at Oxford this fall.

ZhangChunyingPicRemember the name Zhang Chunying. Right now, it’s attached to the graduate journalism program at Columbia University and a landmark chapter in the 114-year history of the Rhodes scholarship program.

But one day, it may be synonymous with media mogul. From a report in the South China Morning Post:

Chunying has a dream: one day she hopes to set up a news platform in China that will focus on the lives of ordinary people and examine the shortcomings of government policies.

“I love telling stories,” says Zhang, currently completing a Master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University in the U.S. “The lives of celebrities are too distant but the experiences of ordinary people are more relatable to others.”

Hundreds of students applied in China for the first-ever Rhodes scholarship opportunity, with Chunying and three others landing the prestigious honors in December. Chunying interned with The New York Times in Shanghai and currently works for Reuters there as she completes her Columbia studies online. She intends to focus on philosophy when she continues her studies at Oxford this fall.

Update (March 2):
Per the tweet below – apparently, Chunying’s first – she was less than thrilled with the cited coverage:

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