A Dean Baquet Listicle

Only 55 more days until Columbia College's "Class Day"!

Founded in 1877, student newspaper the Columbia Daily Spectator has embraced a thoroughly modern device to start drumming up excitement for Columbia College “Class Day” festivities that will involve the executive editor of The New York Times. In an article posted today, staff reporter Veronica Taleon reveals “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dean Baquet.”

We’re not going to spoil a single one of the 10 items she lists. However, we will tell you that:

– #1 and #8 feature GIFs;
– #4 is wrapped around the word Sehnsucht;
– And #10 ends with the hashtag #goals.

There’s also a great bit of Columbia University context that makes this listicle even more delightful. The other person scheduled to participate in the May 16-17 Commencement “Class Days” is none other than former BuzzFeed president and CEO Jon Steinberg. Maybe he, conversely, can expect to be rolled into some sort of Columbia Daily Spectator #longreads trends piece.