Colorful media figure convergence alert! Tom Cruise questioned in l’affaire de Pellicano

Okay, we have no information or verification on this, but don’t sue us, Bert Fields, sue Rush & Molloy who say this in their Daily News column today:

Tom Cruise definitely has a cameo in the legal noir drama of private eye Anthony Pellicano, we’re told. FBI agents approached the actor two weeks ago to discuss the shamus accused of illegal wire-tapping, according to journalist John Connolly. Back in February 2001, we reported that Cruise’s divorce lawyer Dennis Wasser had hired Pellicano to do battle with the PI’s nemesis, Gavin de Becker, who was said to be working for Nicole Kidman.

Cruise’s then-spokeswoman, Pat Kingsley, denied Pellicano was sleuthing for the actor. “It’s totally without foundation,” she said at the time. “It is inconceivable.” Cruise’s current rep, Paul Bloch, said yesterday he had “no knowledge” that the FBI had talked to Tom, “but I don’t know.”…