College Student Confronts Jeb: ‘Your Brother Created ISIS’

Jeb Bush says "hypotheticals" do a "disservice," then comes up with hypothetical.

At a town hall event on Wednesday in Nevada, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, told audience members that getting into “hypotheticals” about the Iraq War does a “disservice” to the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, as he recalled having to call the family members of those who perished while serving as governor of Florida.

“If we’re going to get into hypotheticals I think it does a disservice for a lot of people that sacrificed a lot,” said Bush at the town-hall style meeting in Reno. “Going back in time and talking about hypotheticals — what would have happened, what could have happened — I think, does a disservice for them. What we ought to be focusing on is what are the lessons learned.”

Only moments later, at the exact same event, Bush came up with a hypothetical — alleging the US should have maintained a military presence in Iraq and blaming President Obama for the rise of ISIS. According to The New York Times, Ivy Ziedrich, a college student at the University of Nevada, confronted the potential GOP presidential candidate on the matter:

“It was when 30,000 individuals who were part of the Iraqi military were forced out — they had no employment, they had no income, and they were left with access to all of the same arms and weapons,” Ms. Ziedrich said.

She added: “Your brother created ISIS.”

Mr. Bush interjected. “All right. Is that a question?”

Ms. Ziedrich was not finished. “You don’t need to be pedantic to me, sir.”

“Pedantic? Wow,” Mr. Bush replied.

Then Ms. Ziedrich asked: “Why are you saying that ISIS was created by us not having a presence in the Middle East when it’s pointless wars where we send young American men to die for the idea of American exceptionalism? Why are you spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars?”

Mr. Bush replied: “We respectfully disagree. We have a disagreement. When we left Iraq, security had been arranged, Al Qaeda had been taken out. There was a fragile system that could have been brought up to eliminate the sectarian violence.”

He added: “And we had an agreement that the president could have signed that would have kept 10,000 troops, less than we have in Korea, could have created the stability that would have allowed for Iraq to progress. The result was the opposite occurred. Immediately, that void was filled.”

He concluded: “Look, you can rewrite history all you want. But the simple fact is that we are in a much more unstable place because American pulled back.”

The former governor has been noticeably moonwalking his way back from comments made during a Megyn Kelly interview that aired on Monday, frantically trying to explain his answer to the now-infamous “knowing what we know now” question on the Iraq War, which he alleges he misinterpreted, ever since.

Watch Ziedrich confront Bush, courtesy of CNN.

Also, watch Jeb’s “disservice” and “hypotheticals” comment, courtesy of ABC News.

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