Colin Jost Trips Over Penis Joke

A misread and added anchor interaction helped make this weekend's Weekend Update rock solid.

The set-up: “Am I Normal? A Systematic Review and Construction of Nomograms for Flaccid and Erect Penis Length and Circumference in Up to 15,521 Men,” a study published in the March edition of British medical journal BJU International.

The accidental punchline: “36 inches,” a flaccid cue-card misread by Colin Jost on Weekend Update, generating one of the segment’s top moments this season. Jost, taking over a joke assigned to Michael Che, read 3.6 inches as 36. “A guy can dream!” he said after correcting himself. Interjected Che: “See, my jokes are harder to read!”

The flub had ‘Colin Jost’ quickly trending on Twitter. It came right after some back-and-forth gags by Jost and Che about offensive comments made by neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and suggests they should informally interact as much as possible the rest of the 2014-15 Weekend Update way.

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