CNN’s Piers Morgan Responds to Raunchy Tweet

A lot of us have been there.

Respond or don’t respond to a tweet that makes you want to drive your fist through the computer screen. Or maybe just cuss a little too much. Many think ignoring is the way to go, and they’re probably right. But some in the news business can’t always go that route.

CNN’s Piers Morgan appears to enjoy mixing it up with his gun-toting foes. An example: “Hey @piersmorgan , saw my neighbor walk in his front door with an AR-15 yesterday. Glad I have him for a neighbor!” a follower wrote. Piers retweeted by didn’t respond. But on Sunday he replied to a raunchy tweet that involved the t-word. Judging from the reaction, followers were neither surprised nor came down on him for it. His response appeared to only fuel the fire and trash talk.

Some weren’t pleased Piers even responded. But see how the bulk of fans reacted…“Sad really,” wrote Robin van der Spiege (no one you should know). “Presumably grown men hurling insults over the Internet. #dorks” Of course Robin was then attacked. “Shutup you ugly cunt, can’t even put a picture up of yourself.”

Robin quickly altered her original reaction: “Lol ok. Maybe I was wrong about the grown men bit.” She followed up by blocking the name callers.

Matt Harley (again, no one you should know) appeared to have a lock on Piers’s philosophy, writing, “Piers is funny man, he rips jokers on here all the time, if your not feelin it unfollow.”

Like Robin, Harley, of course, then got attacked with followers telling him to get his tongue out of Piers’s “arse.” One put it like this: “Get a job you pikey cunt, your 25followers don’t care.”

Hazel Robinson attempted to be the voice of reason in this mess.  “As  a newby I suggest if u have a problem with Piers then you stop following him,” she wrote.

Poor Hazel then endured her own attack. “Shut up you old slut,” wrote London’s Dan Campbell.

Good think we’re all on Twitter, right? Memo to The Daily Caller‘s Will Rahn or Patrick Howley…a dramatic reading may be in order here.