CNN’s Moody On The Border With King and Bachmann

In some non-Ferguson related news… CNN’s Chris Moody spent time with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Congressman Steve King last week at the US-Mexico border. Chris discussed President Obama’s new executive order on immigration with the two staunchly opposed representatives.

King and Bachmann, whose districts are 1,000 miles from the border, have been adamant in their opposition to the President’s move, believing that it will encourage further illegal immigration. In July, the two visited a spot outside of Roma, Texas that overlooked the Rio Grande, where they supposedly captured footage of a pregnant woman crossing the river, as well as what they claimed were narcotraffickers.

Chris at dinner with King and Bachmann. ¡Salud!

Returning to the location with Moody last week, King stated, “It just occurred to me, the pregnant mother who was put off on the side here, she surely had the baby. That little baby is an American citizen. Last night Barack Obama gave that little baby’s mother amnesty. She now has amnesty. Lawless, unconstitutional amnesty.”

However, King and Bachmann must’ve chosen a slow traffic day when returning with CNN, because this time, they were unable to find any border indiscretions.

Blaming the lack of coyotaje action on the presence of Chris and Jeff Simon, his producer, Bachmann said, “I think it’s quiet because the cameras are here. Because more than anything, the criminal cartel worries about and fears the wrath of the American people,” she continued, “They’re crooks, they’re villains, but they’re businessmen. And that’s why they fear the CNN cameras.”

After an a long day with no crossings to speak of, the crew fittingly ended their adventure with margaritas and enchiladas at a nearby Mexican restaurant (Michele did not partake in the libations).

Video courtesy of CNN Digital. Enjoy!