CNN: One Big Situation Room

Are you a fan of CNN’s “The Situation Room”? Do you wish you could cram more Wolf Blitzer into your day? Did you ponder growing a 1/3 beard in order to resemble Wolf Blitzer for Halloween? When friends call wondering where you are, do you tell them that you “are in the Situation Room”?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, than yesterday must have been Christmas come early for you. In an odd scheduling reallignment, a shockingly high percentage–25 percent–of CNN’s programming yesterday was…

…The Situation Room.

Ah, it seems just like yesterday that Anderson Cooper, not Wolf, was CNN’s “It” boy…What a difference fewer levee-busting hurricanes make…

(In related news, Hotline sticks with their “Situation Room” situation du jour, spotting this nugget:

    Ray Charles could have seen that she wasn’t going to make it” — Jack Cafferty, on Miers, in “The Situation Room”