CNN: No, We Didn’t Make Dough Off Anti-Obama Birth Certificate Ad

Political commentator Craig Crawford on Tuesday posted an anti-Obama ad to his website, alleging he “just saw” it run on CNN. The ad, with all the gusto of a behind-the-news right-wing blogger, questions President Obama‘s past and rehashes the birther issue. “No one… has seen an actual physical copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate,” says the ad, produced by the PAC “Conservative Majority Fund.”

Crawford took a shot at CNN for airing the ad, writing that the network should pull the ad and said “even in advertising there ought to be some standards for relative truth.”

In a follow-up post Crawford cites CNN executives as telling him the network “has no control over some of the ads run by local outlets, cable channels or satellite systems.”

Crawford told FishbowlDC the ad came on over his DirecTV satellite close to 4:45 p.m. on Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room.

We asked a CNN spokesperson if they don’t have control over certain ads that means CNN does not receive revenue for the airtime purchased. The spokesperson told us the network does not.

For now, CNN’s hands are clean.

See the ad here.