CNN Loves Its Readers

A while back, we noticed an odd lead story on CNN’s website.


It caused us to ask: “By leading with reader feedback about a particular news topic, could be trying its hand at a more interactive format?”

Well, FishbowlDC is nothing if not prophetic. We now learn that CNN is indeed planning on revamping its website and CNN’s senior vice president and general manager David Payne explains the philosophy:

“We will continue these efforts; that’s one thing – communicating with our talent and our producers – but the larger and more interesting thing is how will we relate to blogs outside our universe and we really believe at our core that being on the internet, being a good web citizen and finding content that people are interested in and linking to that content and not just doing your own blogs. Trying to create a 360 degree, to borrow Anderson’s blog title, dialogue with users and bloggers. So we’ll be doing more of that, particularly as we get in to redesigning and relaunching the website in the next year.”